I wanted to share a little bit of additional information related to the SBA declaration process with you. As you may already know, this designation process has been a little bit different than SBA Loan declarations in the past. Governor Abbott was able to request designation for the entire state rather than an initial set of primary and contiguous counties, and then added more based on need and eligibility. The good news is the designation was approved on Friday (3/20), and Texas small businesses in any county can begin applying for loans now.

My staff has compiled a couple of SBA Loan related links for anyone to review. I have also attached the SBA fact sheets as well as included contact information at the end of this email in the event you have more specific or technical questions about eligibility or the process.

The following link contains details of the declaration:

Small businesses who are looking for general information on the SBA EIDL program can visit the following link:

Small businesses who are ready to apply can visit the following link:

For specific questions on applying for the loans and other technical guidance:

The following link has contact information for the San Antonio district office (Closest district office to Austin).

SBA phone: 800-659-2955

SBA email:

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