State Representative Phil Stephenson files for reelection to House District 85

November 19, 2019


Saturday, November 9th, State Representative Phil Stephenson filed with the Republican Party of Texas for reelection as representative for House District 85. HD 85 is comprised of south Fort Bend, Wharton and Jackson Counties.

“If I have the honor and privilege to return to the Texas House, I will continue to apply my skills to fight for meaningful property tax relief, as well as work to reduce unfunded liabilities in our public retirement systems. As the next legislative session will be a redistricting year, it is important that we have experienced, knowledgeable, and conservative legislators in place.”  Stephenson said.

Stephenson is seeking a fifth term. He is the only practicing CPA is the Texas House.


Phil presenting Ag. Pesticide Bill in the 85th Legislature.

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