Representative Phil Stephenson (R-HD 85) will seek re-election for State Representative of House District 85.

“It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to have the opportunity to serve the people of Fort Bend, Wharton and Jackson counties. I hold a special regard for those I represent and have labored hard to give them a voice in Austin,” Stephenson said.

Stephenson’s first term as state representative for HD 85 was in 2013, the year redistricting went into effect. He has served without interruption since. Stephenson remains committed to meaningful property tax reform, solving funding issues for Teacher Retirement System, and working with constituents and local governments to meet their specific needs.

“This past 86th legislature the House and Senate took significant steps towards relieving over-burdensome property taxes, reforming school funding, and coming to the aid of our teachers, both active and retired. But there is still much work to do, including redistricting in the 87th legislature,” Stephenson added.

Stephenson has been a practicing CPA for over forty years and has extensive knowledge of government budgeting and is a strong advocate of transparency.

“God and the voters willing, I hope to return to the Texas House to continue working for the state and the people I love.” Stephenson concluded.

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